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The premises of Castañera Serrana S. Coop. And. have a constructed area of 2108 m². They meet all necessary health standards for the treatment of fresh chestnuts, even the strictest ones like BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard). They are equipped with:

  • A “dirty” work reception zone of approximately 800 m² where the chestnuts are stored when they arrive from the orchards, here are the cleaning drums and the machinery for deparasitation and grading
  •  A refrigerated storing area with two storage rooms of 200 m² each, with a storage capacity of approximately 400,000 kg of chestnuts on plastic pallets with the size of 1 x 1,2 m once they have been deparasited and graded.
  •  A “clean” work zone of 800 m² equipped with cooling panels This allows us to do the packing at a controlled temperature.
  • We further have two unloading and two loading bays as well as an office area of 200 m², where the management, the administration and the meeting room are located.

Apart from processing our own chestnuts we can offer our premises for certain third party services, like the storage of any product of vegetable origin (with or without storage in cool storage area), or obviously deparasitation and packing of fresh chestnuts for third parties.
The sequence of the single steps of the chestnut processing can be changed according to necessity, as it is not required to go through the entire process at once.

Using the premises of Castañera Serrana as an intermediary storage site offers the customers a place where their chestnuts can be received, cleaned and stored until their transport to their own premises. In this case the use of our premises offers customers a spot of sale for their chestnuts without having to maintain own premises in the surroundings. Should a customer so desire, deparasitation and/or grading of his chestnuts can be done by us as well, for the following transport to the desired destination in the packaging format he requires, to then continue his own processes of storage and packing.

If needed, we can also offer our cool storage capacity for fresh deparasited chestnuts or other vegetable products at any given time of the year.

Finally, our services offered to third parties also include the possibility to do the granding and packing of chestnuts with packaging corresponding to the customers indications and using the customers brand on the product.

If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about our terms and the prices of our services


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